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I am an independant sculptor/maker working with a variety of metals to create my sculptural pieces that can be displayed on a wall, be free standing for floor, table top or shelf. I welcome the opportunity to discuss commissions, interior projects or collaborations so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any ideas you would like to talk about. I have worked on many private and corporate projects, some of which are featured on this site, please see selected CV, full CV available on request.


I studied at the Royal College of Art after which I had a studio in London for about ten years before returning to live and work in Devon. My sculptures feature the use of copper, brass, and steel, often incorporating glass, gold leaf and patination. The sculptural objects are often made using silversmithing techniques creating raised hollow forms chemically patinated, with additions of gold leaf and coloured waxes. Wallpieces are generally fabricated mixed metal works again finished using the above techniques.

Past large scale works have been created from recycled steel, primarily discarded oil tanks. The rusted and degenerated tanks are cut, formed and fabricated into a series of large metal ‘canvases’.

New works are of a ‘table top/small sculptural’ niche scale exploring what I like to term as the improbability of events and have an interest in the ritual use and ’empowerment’ of created objects.

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